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Tyre Construction - Winter Tyres

Stay safe on the roads this winter. 7°C is the magic number.

All of us at Ostle's Tyre's are fully committed to the usage of winter tyres, all weather tyres and cold weather tyres in general. The advantages of winter tyres can't be ignored when temperatures fall below 7°C.

Over the past few years in Scotland and more notably The Borders we have experienced our fair share of snow, ice, slush and rain over the winter months on our roads. Naturally, these are all common traits associated with lowering temperatures, and more challenging driving conditions.

For your safety during the winter season to tackle these challenges, we always recommend changing to cold weather tyres to fully maximise the advantageous properties they offer over standard summer tyres.

We stock an extensive range of winter tyres including the following brands available in our online store.



To help decide if winter tyres are right for you, we have put together some informative points below about the advantages you can expect to receive from winter tyres over the standard summer tyre option. We have also added an informative video below showing tests performed relating to these points.

Winter tyres have a very specific tread pattern designed to REDUCE THE RISK OF AQUAPLANING by dispersing greater amounts of water from the tyre more effectively. Aquaplaning occurs when very wet roads, or areas of built up water lie on the road surface. This could lead to vehicles travelling over the standing water experiencing a 'floaty' feeling as the tyre is unable to exit the water fast enough from the tread.

Braking distances are reduced. Compared to summer tyres, winter tyres generally offer a 10% REDUCTION IN STOPPING DISTANCES on wet roads and lower temperatures. If you drive on snow and ice, stopping distances can reduce by up to 20% versus a standard summer tyre.

Practicality and performance. If fitted in Autumn, winter tyres offer mobility all the way through to spring without the risk of any unforseen changes in weather conditions. If conditions allow, winter tyres also offer performance on dry, damp, wet, icy and snowy roads without compromising your travelling plans. At temperatures below 7°C, winter tyres enable BETTER ALL ROUND PERFORMANCE and mantain a higher level of driving comfort compared to the direct summer tyre option.

Along with our winter tyre range, we also stock a range of all weather tyres that are fully usuable across the whole year. All weather tyres offer flexibility for our customers that don't have adequate storage space for summer tyres during the winters months.

Please feel free to browse our live online tyre store via our winter tyre search facility for any winter tyre requirements you have. We have also shown some useful tips in this area to look out for, when searching for your tyres.

For assistance when browsing our stock, we have created a handy 'WINTER' filter under the 'SPECIALIST TYPE' section on the left hand side of the search results page. Also, we have added snowflake icons on search results to designate the winter tyre range from the standard summer tyres. We hope this will prove useful when placing your order with us.

If you struggle in any way to find the winter tyres you require, or would like to discuss your options please free to call us on 01896 756421 or via our contact options.

We look forward to hearing from you, and helping with your winter tyre enquiry.


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